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Shannon is an intense actor, and his focus and latent aura of anger has been used to great effect in a number of films, but in Take Shelter they make him truly mesmerizing. That does not value our lives. Except for the ones who die in much worse, more gruesome ways. The killer stalks the various nubile young actors dressed in an unusual owl costume, increasingly mottled with blood in its feathers as he impales or disembowels. Jeff Nichols Take Shelter is the story of a man named Curtis, haunted by visions of the swiftly approaching apocalypse. From the premise, which revolves around a single mom and her precocious little boy living out in the woods when their werewolf uncle comes to visit, you might for a moment think that this film will be treating its subject with kiddie gloves, but man would you be mistaken. Romero What more can be said of Night of the Living Dead?

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