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Fawns have very specific nutritional requirements and improper nutrition will make the fawn sick and may lead to its death. No, the fawn does not need your help. Who can I call? The fawn should stay put, providing an opportunity for people and pets to leave the area. Fawns typically appear walking closely to their protective mother or bounding across a field with seemingly unlimited energy. The doe then leaves them alone for extended periods of time.

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However, in May and June many fawns are found curled up in the field or forest alone, with no vigilant doe in sight. No, the fawn does not need your help. This seemingly helpless state is a behavioral adaptation that has helped white-tailed deer survive for ages. Twin fawns can be separated by up to 200 feet. Injured fawns should only receive care from a licensed Maryland wildlife rehabilitator who is authorized to handle fawns. If this occurs, the fawn should be gently coaxed to lay down by pressing on its shoulders as the doe would do to keep the fawn. Furthermore, the unnatural conditions of life in captivity can lead to malnutrition, injury, and stress at the hands of a well-meaning captor.

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The fawn should stay put, providing an opportunity for people and pets japansk liker faen leave the area. The fawn should be placed in or next to natural vegetation near the location where it was found to provide cover and protection. On rare occasions, a fawn may approach people or pets. Wild animals that become accustomed to humans can pose health risks and become dangerous as they mature. Spotted white-tailed deer fawns offer one of the most appealing sights in nature. It looks hungry, should I feed it? People should never feed anything to a fawn.

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